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Pets and The Pines

We have a few cats here at The Pines. We generally do not allow visiting pets here as our pets are territorial and somewhat possessive. They do not bite but expect to be greeted.

We do not allow any pets into our guest bedrooms, but if you are allergic to pets, the Pines may not be an ideal location for accommodations.

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Parking is not a problem at The Pines. We have two parking lots for you, so bringing more than one car is possible. We do ask people not to park on the lawns or in the circle driveway. Parking at the main door is only a temporary expedient for off loading bags and passengers.

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High-Speed Internet

Need to access your email?
Here at the Pines Guest House we offer a high-speed Internet connection available at no additional cost to all of our guests. We offer both wired and wireless service for use with your own PC If you would like to make use of the network, simply enquire upon check-in.

Have a laptop with a wireless card?
We offer wireless high-speed Internet here at the Pines. Two access points deliver coverage that reaches areas both inside and outside the inn—coverage outside the inn will depend on your wireless card1. Users have experienced good throughput down in the gazebo, on the lawns, and even by the pond. If you are planning on a visit in the late spring, summer, or early fall, it is a wonderful way to work! We use the 802.11 standard making it compatible with most computers, tablets and smartphones on the market today.

Have a laptop and do not have a wireless card?
If your computer has a PCMCIA slot, you can add a wireless card to your laptop2. There are a whole host of manufactures that make wireless cards. As long as it is 802.11 (b/g/n), it will work on our network. If you do not want to add wireless to your laptop, you can connect directly through an Ethernet connection either in the front hall or in your room3.

  1. Range will vary depending on the sensitivity of the wireless card.
  2. Check with your manufacturer if you are unsure of what type of card you need. Some computers may require a specific card.
  3. Not all rooms have an Ethernet connection. Please enquire if needed.

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Smoking Policy

No smoking is allowed, but guests may smoke on the crushed-stone drive or in the screened gazebo that overlooks the water.

High-Speed Internet
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